Saturday, 8 February 2020 – at 10 a.m.


Striček sets off through the streets of Domžale, followed by a caravan of kurents and other carnival masks. The caravan is set to begin at the Količevo paper mill and continue along the Bukovčeva street. Stops along the way are made in order for the carnival delegation to rest, relax and refresh themselves. The mascot is then followed by ministers, people in group costumes, kurents, musicians, as well as reporters from all over Slovenia.

Striček arrives at its final destination – a comfortable chair on the roof of a pharmacy in Vir – which enables him to watch over the entire area.

The Mayor and the Vice Mayor play a pivotal role at the event, as they hand over the key to the empty municipal treasury to our president PIPI.

Striček finally assumes power and strict carnival laws enter into force.






Saturday, 22 February 2020


CARNIVAL CELEBRATION WITH SLADKO THE BUNNY AND HIS MUMMY ZDRAVKA IN ČEŠMIN PARK (interactive entertainment for little ones with music and dancing involved) – AT 1.30 P.M.

Sladko the bunny and his mum Zdravka promise to deliver a wonderful and unforgettable show for children. Mummy rabbit is on a mission and wants to teach her son that munching on doughnuts, candies and other sweets is not healthy for him. Instead she wants him to eat healthy foods, like cabbage, turnip, potatoes and carrots, all of which will guarantee him a long and healthy life. After the show both Sladko and Zdravka will hand out doughnuts and accompany children to attend the children’s carnival in Vir.


An organized procession, accompanied by musicians, carnival mascots and kurents, will set off from Češmin park and continue along the Kamniška Bistrica river until the final destination – a heated tent – in Vir is reached.


The good wizard Uršolin wishes to conjure up spring, sun, joy and laughter in order for carnival masks to be happy and joyous. However, the ice queen, who adores ice, winter and cold, seems to have a problem with that. The only way for Uršolin to succeed and bring back spring is for all the carnival masks to step together and beat the ice queen with their dancing, magic tricks and pranks.


Boštjan Nipič, also known as Nipke, is a Slovene rapper and hip hop artist. He entered the music scene in 2008 with his rap duo Overdose by creating a song “Fiama.com”. That same year Dravle Records released a song “Brilejeva Street”, sung by Overdose and I. Vanisha (the song is named after Brilejeva street in Dravlje).

The following year the Spaced out compilation album was released, which included multiple Overdose songs, as well as songs recorded by Nipke as an individual artist.

After having met a hip hop producer Damjan Jović, he began working on a studio album with Dravle Records. His debut Nipke was released after five years, in October 2015, and was officially presented on 17 October at Orto Bar in Ljubljana. Music critics and Nipke’s fans alike praised the album, as well as his single “Všeč tko k je”.






Saturday, 22 February 2020


Carnival celebration with VILI RESNIK and the KINGSTON band – AT 8 P.M.

The Kingston band from Idrija is one of the most popular Slovene music bands, which strives to make every party a great one. Their positive energy, great on-stage charisma, quality music, and one hit after another, are those that make this band a truly great one. After all these years they are still considered one of the most active bands with a yearly amount of over 80 concerts, which is not surprising due to the quality of their music and multiple hits.

They have released nine studio albums, three of which have gone gold and three of which have gone platinum. They have released numerous hits. It is thus fair to say that every song, which they release, becomes a hit. Their concerts also offer great fun for the old and the young alike.

Vili Resnik became interested in music in the 5th grade of elementary school, when he decided he wanted to become a guitarist. He was a member of several rock groups (Herbie, Junaki nočne kronike, Pomaranča, Yunk, Spin), in which he sang and played the guitar.

He became a member of the Pop design band in November 1989, when he was invited to perform at the Yugoslavian national contest to select the country’s entry for the Eurovision song contest. He first recorded two cassettes with the group, called Poletni hiti and Cerkev domača. As the band’s popularity grew, so did the numerous successes. The cassettes Poletni hiti and Zaspi pri meni nocoj put them at the top of the charts on the Slovene music scene. In 1991 they won first place at the MakFest in North Macedonia with their song “Podajmo si roke” and won fourth place with the song “Le eno sonce”. They received the Zlata kaseta award for their album Ne bom ti lagal, as well as the Pesem leta award for the same song in March 1993. They received the Zlata nota award for the record of the year, song of the year and best artist of the year. They also won the Viktor award two times.

Resnik began his solo career in 1995. The last song to have been released by Pop design was the song “Potepuh”, which became a hit in 1995. Five of their records have gone gold, two have gone silver, whereas two CDs have gone platinum and three cassettes have gone silver.

Both bands promise to deliver an unforgettable atmosphere with plenty of fun and dancing involved.

The most original group and individual costumes will be awarded a prize!






Sunday, 23 February 2020


Come see one of the biggest carnivals in Slovenia! There will be plenty of funny, colorful and different-themed masks (some from the surrounding regions and some even from abroad) to see and admire.

Everyone is invited to participate in the making of group’s costumes. If you wish to participate, you can register online. We guarantee you will have fun.

After the carnival you are more than welcome to come listen to the DEŽUR band. The band, consisting of professional musicians, plays all kinds of music and strives to make every party as memorable as possible.


The funniest, most original, innovative and creative costumes shall be rewarded:

1st category: GROUP COSTUME (a minimum of 5 adults)

2nd category: FAMILY COSTUME, both children and parents should participate (a minimum of 3 participants) 

EXCITING PRIZES AWAIT! The prize money of EUR 1,000 shall be awarded to the best group costume.

You can read more about the terms of participation, evaluation criteria and prize funds on our website www.stricek.si.